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  • Bloomberg
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Purpose-built log management platform

Enabling live system observability through
fast, scalable and efficient log data management.

Lightning fast

Humio ingests log data as quickly as it comes, regardless of bursts. Efficiently stored data means you can ingest terabytes of data per day and search it all in a matter of seconds.


Humio works with any log format and because you don't need to define fields up-front, you can ask any question using the easy to learn query language.

Built to scale

We built the Humio engine from scratch to ensure ingest and search scales to terabytes per day. Humio has virtually no latency even at huge volumes, and because ingest is cheap, requires very few resources.

Affordable for all

Humio's cost-effective pricing plans make it possible, log everything without budget headaches. We have competitive prices for smaller, pay-as-you-scale volumes, and unlimited all-you-can-log plans with multi TB+/day volumes at a fixed price.

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Answer any question

Fast Full-Text Search
without Indexing

“Schema on read” and structured events means ad-hoc queries and informal searches at blazing speeds. Indexing can a very computationally expensive activity, causing latency between data entering a system and then being included in search results and visualizations. Humio does NO INDEXING so it remains lightning fast for searching.

Virtually no latency
from ingest to display

Humio aggregates, alerts and presents data in real real-time, because no matter what volume of data you send through to your cluster, you can process data before ingestion, LIVE. So you can share dashboards for live system observability across engineering teams to answer questions like: “How has performance changed since the latest deployment?”

Query Language

Pipe filters, transformation functions, and aggregation functions use a simple query language tailored for searching and aggregating millions of log lines per second. Oh, and all queries and visualizations can also run on the tail of the live log streams.

For any team


Only solution that can ingest any amount of data at any throughput and still give live, instant alerts and analysis capabilities. Use alerts to programatically and proactively monitor your infrastructure and systems.


Speed matters. Real-time data ingest and streaming capabilities for ad-hoc querying, efficient data compression, and shared dashboards powers live system visibility across engineering teams.


Go beyond just monitoring complex Cloud Native systems and gain really real-time observability. Humio allows you to easily aggregate log data from any source and iteratively ask the important questions.

Any system, any framework, any format

Humio integrates easily with your existing tech stack with built-in support for platforms like Kubernetes and mainstream protocols like the Elasticsearch API.  Humio's custom parsers allow you to support any text format – structured or unstructured – so integrating Humio in your existing setup simple and easy.

KubernetesDockerAmazon Web ServicesGrafanaLogstashFilebeatNginxRSyslog

On any infrastructure


  • Kubernetes
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Microsoft Azure

Humio Cloud

Ready to try Humio?

Start your free trial now, available On-Premises and Humio Cloud,
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Trusted by top engineers at world leading organizations

  • Bloomberg
  • Microsoft
  • LunarWay
  • Logibec
  • SpareBank1
  • OnTheDot

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Start your free trial now, available On-Premises and Humio Cloud,
or request a demo on how Humio can solve your logging needs.

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